All Paint & Tea Enthusiast, this is the deal for you. Come enjoy your inner artist and tea knowledge at this unique retail Tea shop adorned in British Rock flair. Within this hip setting, guests enjoy a cup of exquisite tea while tapping into their inner artist. Are you a novice, no worries, all paintings will have a stencil. If you want to channel your inner Picasso, you can paint freehand. 

Prior to your visit, we will post what theme we will be offering for the week. We provide everything from the canvas, paint supplies, apron, a fine cuppa tea, and some goodies from England to give you that extra energy to create. 

Ages: Adults: Day and Evenings open

Children 7-10 years of age, Sunday Classes only. (please call for specific days)

(Please call for Pricing; discounts on groups of 5 or more)